Bury College Education Trust

Working in partnership to ensure that every child’s success is at the heart of all we do

Bury College Education Trust Mission Statement 

To provide a world class education for all the children in our schools by:

  • removing barriers
  • creating endless possibilities and experiences
  • teaching the children in our schools the ‘power of yet’
  • building character traits within our children that will help them to face the challenges of living in the 21st Century

We will deliver all of this through a unique curriculum which has been written and designed by the talented leaders within BCET. With a highly successful vocational college as our sponsor, we also have strong links to FE which provides a concrete path of aspiration for the children in our schools.

There has never been a time when more of our young people have faced more challenges in order to find their own route to happiness and success. During our journey of shaping and creating BCET we have realised that we need to help many of the children in our schools to become more resilient, and also to develop other important character traits that will help them to be successful in life. 

Our aim is to inspire aspiration, self-belief and resilience in all of the children in our schools.

Early in 2017, we started to think about how we could build more confidence and resilience in our children. At first, we couldn’t find anything ‘BIG’ enough or ‘BOLD’ enough for our mission to create a world class education. So, along with some of our partners, we decided to write our own curriculum and came up with a 'character curriculum'. These are the main elements of the character curriculum which underpins everything we do at BCET:









Through this exciting new curriculum and our close links with Bury College, we have begun to create a very unique educational experience for the children in our schools. We believe that children can achieve anything they want to achieve if they believe in themselves!