Welcome to Bury College Education Trust  

With a highly successful college of further education as our sponsor, we have strong links to future employers which provide a concrete path of aspiration for all the leaners in our schools. 

There has never been a time when our young people have faced more challenges in order to find their own route to happiness and success.  With this in mind, our trust recognises the need to help all our learners develop greater levels of resilience and fortitude.

Through our family of schools, we aim for all our learners to fulfil their academic potential becoming successful lifelong learners.  In addition, we strive that they will possess high levels of social and emotional intelligence so that they are well placed to succeed and thrive in the future, becoming active and productive members of society.

At Bury College Education Trust, we aspire to:

  • develop school communities where every individual can flourish
  • provide an exciting, inspirational curriculum, grounded in Literacy and Mathematics that strongly reflects 21st century technologies
  • raise attainment and achievement by empowering children, parents and our local communities
  • achieve excellence for all and make a positive impact in the wider education system and the communities we serve

Elton Primary School

Park View Primary School

Radcliffe Primary School