Bury College Education Trust

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There are three layers of governance within our Academy Trust; the Members, the Trust Board of Directors (also known as Trustees), and the governors who make up the Local Governing Body for each of the schools within the Trust.

The Members are accountable to the DfE and have ultimate responsibility for the Trust achieving its charitable objectives.
They sign off the Articles of Association and have the power to appoint and remove the Trustees.  Members provide challenge and scrutiny to the Board of Trustees.

The Trustees set the strategic direction for the Trust and are accountable to the Secretary of State for the schools within it.  This is set out in a legal document known as the Funding Agreement.  As charity Trustees, they must also ensure that they are complying with charity law requirements.  High calibre Trustees are appointed for their skills, knowledge or experience as needed by the Board.

Meet the Members Meet the Trustees
Charlie Deane Charlie Deane
Mark Granby Mark Granby
Peter Nicol Chris Trees
Janet Castrogiovanni Stephanie Isherwood
Pat  Jones/Greenhalgh Kavi Mylandoor
Rebecca Dunne

Governance Handbook 2022-2023

Code of Conduct for Trustees and Governors